Welcome to the Swansfield Elementary School PTA! We are pleased that you’ve chosen to join us.

The goal of the Swansfield PTA is to organize the talents and passions of parents, teachers, administrators, and community members to create the school that every one of our students deserves. Specifically, we will focus on creating opportunities for our students and their families to grow both socially and intellectually. During the school day, the PTA will support cultural arts, fitness, and other learning activities. Monthly evening activities, from dances to family game nights to athletic events, will offer all kids and families the opportunity to meet and grow in community.

Of course, we need your MEMBERSHIP to make these events happen. Our goal is to have 100% of students represented by an adult in the PTA. Membership dues are $10 per person. If you cannot afford these dues, there are membership scholarships available. If you can afford to give more than $10, please consider making the Swansfield PTA one of your charities for the year. You’ll never get a bigger bang for your charitable buck than you will here.

We also need your time. Please consider committing to helping with one event this year. Your child will love seeing you call bingo at game night or pour drinks at the school dance or bake a cake for a teacher dinner.

Finally, but most importantly, we need your VOICE. This PTA does not belong to the principal or the PTA executive board. It belongs to you, the parents and teachers of Swansfield. Please join us for our monthly general membership meetings and share your ideas. Email your executive board members at their addresses on the website or call us or catch us at an event. More than your money or your time, we want your ideas and concerns so that we may make this PTA what you want it to be.