Due to mandatory school closings (until April 24, 2020), ALL PTA events and activities have been cancelled for the month of April! Stay healthy and safe!

Building our future TOGETHER!

WELCOME! Whether you’ve been a part of the Swansfield CommUNITY for years or you’re brand new – we’re thrilled to have you with us!


Who is the Swansfield PTA? Our community is made up of mothers and fathers, grandparents and aunts, teachers and administrators, foster parents and guardians. Each of us rushing from work to soccer practice, figuring out both dinner and play dates, handling homework and minor meltdowns. We keep it all together while still managing to hold on to a decent sense of humor.

In short, we’re parents…just like YOU! 

We don’t have any more time than you have.  We’re not “desperate housewives or husbands” with nothing else to do.  We’ve just decided to grab an oar and move this ship forward, when we can, however we can…because if we all give a little, we know we can accomplish a lot.  Join us!

We invite you to join us! As a PTA member, your membership fee, your time, and your support provide a wide range of enriching, educational, and FUN activities that happen right here at our school.  Every dollar you give goes directly towards strengthening our community.  Every hour you volunteer enriches the lives of the children at this school.

Many thanks to our community sponsors!