There are many ways to volunteer at Swansfield. Some require only an hour or two, some can be done outside school or outside school hours, some can be done with small children in tow, and many are done at school – either during the day or in the evening.

You maybe wondering how to help in your child’s classroom. Many grades/teachers have volunteer sign up forms at the beginning of the school year. If you don’t see one, all you need to do is send a note or email to your child’s teacher, and offer. They will be happy to have your help!

Anyone that would like to volunteer at Swansfield Elementary School must complete a mandatory training through the school. Please note:

The procedure for training Volunteers:  http://ses.hcpss.org/support

To volunteer, fill out the online form:

Membership & Volunteer Online Form

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Please select one or more areas that you are interested in:

Once Submitted, your contact information and selections will be forwarded to the coordinator(s) of the activity/event(s) and they will contact you. Thank You!